*SALAD: Cajun shrimp over Greek salad $9.50

*SOUP: Lemon chicken orzo $5.00

-Potato Leek (Vegetarian base) $5.00

*Crispy Cod with arugula, tomato, red onion & chipotle mayo on a roll $8.50

*Veggie Burger, grilled red peppers & onions, provolone & jalapeno Hummus spread $8.50

*Entree: Salmon Burger over Spinach & rice $10.00

-Crispy Roasted Chicken & broccoli over rice $9.00

*Panini: Tuna melt on Rye with tomato & swiss $8.50

Cold: Smoked Salmon, avocado,  roasted peppers, pesto & parmesan cheese on a croissant $9.00