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*SALAD: 1.Fresh Figs, blueberries, pecan & sheep’s milk feta over baby spinach -balsamic vinaigrette $9.00

2.Cajun chicken, grilled pineapple & shaved parmesan cheese over tri-color $9.50

*Salmon burger with baby spinach, red onions and tartar sauce $9.00

*Entree: Roasted chicken and broccoli over rice $9.50

*Eggplant, portabello and fresh mozzarella meatball sub $8.50

*Grilled fontina cheese, beef steak tomato, basil and bacon on 12 grain $9.00

*Cold : fresh tarragon and chicken salad wrap with apple, dried cranberries, walnuts, smoked gouda, and baby arugula $9.00

*Shrimp Salad with romaine, tomato and red onions in a whole wheat wrap $9.00

*Panini: Avocado, beef steak tomato, fresh hand dipped ricotta cheese & red onion on multigrain ciabatta $8.95